Manufacturing Unit

The Manufacturing Unit

An eco-conscious plant that produces cars for a greener tomorrow

IGBC platinum certification

We are India's first automobile plant to be rated as "Platinum" by Indian Green Building Council.

The address of this plant is: Mahindra Electric Vehicles Ltd. 66-69, 72-76, Off Hosur Road, Koppa, Bommasandra Jigani Link Rd, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560099

Reuse, recycle, repurpose

Every drop & joule counts. The water used in various activities is recycled and reused. The energy generated during various tests is fed back into the system.

Born green

Every car that comes out of our manufacturing unit gets its first charge from solar energy. This is done in our solar charging plant located within the premises.

Green Technology

Green Technology

What you drive makes an impact on the environment

Emission Impossible

With no tailpipe in the any of the cars, Mahindra Electric’s EVs promise zero emission and a greener future.

Low Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide produced by human activities. It not only harms the environment, but also reduces air quality and over-all quality of living. But with our electric vehicles, you will be happy to know that Mahindra Electric’s EVs help you reduce it. We also send you regular reports to show how much you are contributing to the environment, how many trees you have saved and how much CO2 you have helped control.