connected mobility

connected mobility
Electric Car Assistance App
Experience connected mobility for your car with nemo life
Electric Car care App Electric Car care App Electric Car care App
  • connected mobility

    Remotely monitor and control your vehicle, get actionable driving insights, receive critical status as live notifications & more!

  • clean mobility

    Know how your choice of electric mobility is positively impacting the environment

  • convenient mobility

    Seamlessly manage multiple electric vehicles, plan trip and routes, access 24X7 road side assistance & more!

your electric vehicle is now even better with an all-inclusive smartphone app to help you stay connected with your car.


Manage multiple cars through one app, get reminders to service your car, let the app remind you to stick to a healthy charging schedule, get low battery alerts and voice alerts while you are driving, all through the convenience of your Smartphones.


Safety and Security

Manage multiple verified users for your car through user authentication. Rest assured your car will be safe with alerts for unlocked doors or handbrake not engaged.



Use the NEMO Life - to remotely control your car - lock/unlock doors, start or stop charging or even check your cabin temperature and set to pre-cool during hot summers.


Trip Planning

One app to check if your car can complete your planned trip or how much more charge you need to reach your destination. Forget range anxiety with all the information right at your fingertips, just tap and drive.



NEMO Life helps you during contingencies with 24x7 road side assistance and extra emergency range with REVive. Also book your services and browse through reference material to know your car better.



Doing your bit for the environment? Let your friends and family know about it! Easy login into NEMO Life with your social profiles and share eco-savings and contributions.

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The Mahindra Electric customer app is currently in Beta and hence some car care app features are under development. For any help on the car app or suggestions, please contact our Customer care team through the mobile app.