Next Generation Mobility

Next Generation Mobility
Our Vision on Electric Mobility
India foresees a large scale adoption of electric vehicles in the personal and commercial segment by 2030

As the ecosystem develops to accommodate more and more electric vehicles and various transportation choices for end-users, the need arises to provide the infrastructure to support an electric-led mobility system.

Mahindra Electric's vision of mobility is all-encompassing and aims to bring together the entire ecosystem to make India's vision for 2030 closer to being a reality.

With experience gained from 200+ Million on road kms and several mobility initiatives, we have designed NEMO platform to address the unique opportunities and challenges specific to e-mobility.

What is NEMO?

NEMO – “Next-Generation Mobility” is a cloud based platform that enables a new generation of shared, connected & electric services that help revolutionizing urban mobility.

NEMO addresses the barriers of adoption of EVs such as Range anxiety, Battery Performance, etc. and provides deeper insights into the vehicle performance. The platform enables a new set of business models around shared mobility and allows fleet operators to seamlessly manage a fleet of Electric Vehicles using features such as fleet management, location services, trip planning, maintenance, etc.

NEMO is India’s First Electric Mobility Platform
NEMO brings the entire EV ecosystem with its multiple stakeholders together on a single platform
With NEMO, Mahindra Electric is now able to offer multiple mobility services on a single platform.

Our advanced technology platform allows fleet owners to focus on fleet operations and adopt EV fleet in a seamless manner.
NEMO provides contextual content and real-time insights to streamline operations and increase ROI.

Integrated Mobility Center
  • Secure Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Connectivity
  • Vehicle Tracking, Location services
  • Secure Cloud and API Framework
  • Scalable Data & Platform Architecture
  • Advanced Analytics-Vehicle,Charging Performance
  • Segment specific features such as Routing,
    Trip Planning, Vehicle Scheduling etc.
Driver Application
  • Trip Planning
  • Digital Trip Sheets
  • Optimum Navigation
  • Remote Vehicle Control
Commuter Application
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • ETA
  • Live Notifications
  • SOS
Applications of nemo
With personal use customers

Mahindra Electric vehicles are the true ‘Connected Cars’, allowing customers to connect their electric vehicle using the app function of NEMO. They can access a host of convenient features such as remote car control and vehicle range. These functions work seamlessly with our service network.

With fleet owners

NEMO Driver and Commuter apps enables operators to seamlessly plan, manage and automate end to end transportation needs for customers. These apps allow the various stakeholders such as commuters and drivers to have hassle free interactions on NEMO platform.

And many more!

The future applications of the NEMO platform are endless opportunities to better the way we look at e-mobility, with many more unique and well-planned functions of the project under way. It is not only limited to fleet owners and personal users, but the entire ecosystem of electric shared mobility.

Are you ready to shape the future of mobility?

We can help you define the roadmap for your mobility services offering and accelerate your entry into the market with NEMO. NEMO is pioneering the sustainable mobility market and delivering greater customer value across various segments. They include:

  • Corporate Mobility
  • Car Rentals
  • Ride Hailing
  • Shuttle Services etc.

For business enquires on how you can adopt this technology for your business,
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