Connected Mobility – Paving The Way For The Future Of Mobility
Santhosh Vasanthakumar
Read more to know about how connected mobility is sure to transform the future of electric vehicles. Written by Santhosh Vasanthakumar, Sr. General Manager- Mobility Solutions, Mahindra Electric.

Digital disruption is happening in every industry today. Historically, every enterprise has been focused on their own verticals, predicting trends and adopting the traditional rules of the competition. But digital technologies have levelled the playing field and allowed new tech companies to compete against the traditional players.

These new generation companies are able to drive increasing returns to scale by addressing the changing customer preferences and organizing multiple adjacent industries in the process. For example, food delivery aggregators and platforms like Zomato are not only changing the way people dine, but they are also organizing and thriving in adjacent industries such as food marketing, last-mile delivery and cold chain logistics at the same time.

The story is no different in the automotive sector. Uber & OLA’s recent acquisitions of content providers and food aggregators is geared towards providing greater benefits to end customers. However, the mobility sector is still seen as the land of opportunities. In fact, cities across the globe are battling several problems such as population growth, congestion, pollution, accidents, lack of sustainable transportation, etc.

The United Nations predicts that 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050, which would equate to more than 6.5 billion people. Automotive OEMs will need to address the challenges of future cities, capture growth from a variety of new mobility services and create new business models with recurring revenue streams. So, there is significant room for innovation in the mobility sector over the next decade. And 'Connected Mobility' becomes the foundation for Auto OEMs to expand mobility offerings and consistently deliver new value to their customers in the coming years.

Globally, the Connected Mobility Solutions market is projected to grow with CAGR of 19% over the next decade. The key enabler for Connected Mobility is perceived to be a combination of Connected Vehicles and a Connected Vehicle ecosystem. A vehicle that is connected to a smart infrastructure offers a myriad of opportunities. Consequently, Auto OEMs are equipping vehicles with 100s of sensors which can monitor and capture data in real time. These vehicles are designed with advanced telematics solutions to ingest the data from a variety of sensors and perform edge computing.

Advances in communication technologies such as C-V2X, DSRC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allow seamless connectivity of these vehicles to any infrastructure. With bi-directional communication between vehicles and infrastructure, cloud-based mobility platforms are evolving rapidly and offering a rich suite of value-added services around Shared Mobility, Fleet Management, Vehicle Maintenance, Charging, Car Insurance, Smart Parking, Toll Management, etc. It’s a new way of doing business for Auto OEMs - stringing together products and services to create a new marketplace and tap into new revenue sources that they didn’t have access to in the past.

At Mahindra Electric, we are reinforcing Connected Mobility and enabling data-driven innovation on our Electric Vehicles. The fusion of low-cost IoT-enabled sensors and disruptive technologies has allowed us to create a holistic mobility solution termed NEMO (NExt-generation MObility). For commercial segment, NEMO brings together the entire mobility ecosystem (Fleet operators, Drivers, Commuters, Charging Infrastructure, etc.) on a single platform and allows different entities to benefit from each other through value-added services.

NEMO addresses the barriers to adoption of EVs such as range anxiety and provides deeper insights into the fleet operations for the shared mobility segment. For the personal segment, NEMO Life is a connected App that allows customers to connect and communicate with their vehicle. They can access a host of convenient features such as trip planning, remote car control, driving performance, etc.

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