Mahindra's Sustainability Story
Mahesh Babu
Read about what Mahindra is doing, as an organization, to combat climate change and create a sustainable future.

This is an excerpt from Mahesh Babu’s speech at the 2019 Oxford Summit.

We have entered a unique time in history – one which is going to define how we live in the future, basis what we do to preserve Planet Earth today. To that end, we at Mahindra have already made commitments that will aid in creating a better tomorrow.

Driving sustainability from the start, we began work on our first electric vehicle, Bijlee, way back in 1998 and today we are at a point where we have the expertise to develop our own electrification solutions with global standards. Internally, we are committed to becoming a carbon neutral company by 2040 and are working with the Environmental Defence Fund to meet this commitment.

The various diversified businesses of the Mahindra Group have made commitments to double energy productivity, adopt 100% renewable energy, generate zero landfill waste, become water positive and create a carbon sink that is large enough to offset emissions that remain. We are all in when it comes to extensive implementation of energy efficiency and adoption of renewable energy.

We have already made a lot of progress. Over the last eight years, we have managed to reduce the energy consumption to produce a commercial vehicle by over 63% and tractor manufacturing by over 33%. The use of water to make a Mahindra vehicle has reduced by 36% and two of our factories are water sufficient for over 200 days a year.

They say that sustainable measures don’t move the needle when it comes to the bottom line for a business. However, Mahindra Group’s revenue from its green business including electric vehicles, green buildings, micro-irrigation and solar power exceeds over USD 400 million.

Moving forward, will continue to participate in the global battle against climate change. In fact, M&M is the first company in the world to commit to doubling energy productivity by signing on to The Climate Group’s program EP100.

We have also successfully demonstrated the reality of a sustainable and smart mobility ecosystem through our pilot in the small community of Auroville in Pondicherry. The pilot included integrating electric mobility, energy storage and smart charging for an entire community - all connected by a common digital platform. It has the potential to be scaled across larger cities across the globe as a possible sustainable solution for smart cities.

The new-age green revolution will begin with the world moving towards electric solutions. We at Mahindra are committed to building a sustainable future for generations to come.

Mahesh Babu
CEO, Mahindra Electric
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