Get answers to all your questions on electric car chargers, how to charge EVs, how long it takes to charge Mahindra Electric vehicles and more !.

One of the most exciting things about owning an electric vehicle is that you get to charge your car instead of rushing to the fuel station. In the present situation, it may be considered difficult, hard to find a charging point, and many wonder if it will even last long enough to get from point A to B. With this easy to follow guide, understand how simple it is to charge your electric vehicles.
  • Charging the EV:
    Remember how simple it is to charge your smartphone? It’s literally that simple to charge your electric vehicle as well. Simply plug in the vehicle to the available charging point. Remember to cross check the voltage and amp requirements of your vehicle before charging. All Mahindra Electric vehicles are compatible with Bharat Charging standards (since it was announced) and can be charged through any 15 amp socket with proper earthing.

  • Types of charging:
    There are two types of charging available in electric vehicles, however, the time taken entirely depends on the model of the vehicle itself.
    • Normal Charge – This is possible through a charging port that can be installed at your home or your work place, or from a public charging station. The time that these ports take is completely dependent on the drive train capacity.
    • Fast Charge – Ideally, this innovative charging technology charges the battery to full in 60 minutes. The total time however, may vary based on the car model.

  • Setting up a charging point:
    Whether you live in an independent house or an apartment complex, you can get your own charging point installed. If you live in an apartment, simply talk to your building/society manager and get the necessary permissions. No matter what floor you live on, the point can be connected to your electricity meter.

  • Time taken to charge:
    The time taken to charge any of our EVs depend on its drive train capacity. To know more about the time taken to charge each product, visit the product page for more details.

  • Charging timeline:
    This depends on the usage of the car. Generally, we suggest the following:
    • 0 – 20 kms: Once in 3 days
    • 20 – 40 kms: Once in 2 days
    • More than 40 kms: Every day
    This is a generic guide, however, the charging frequency depends on the electric vehicle model. We also suggest that despite a lack of use, your electric vehicle should be plugged in once every 3 days, overnight, for a full charge. This helps maintain battery life and health, and contributed to longevity in battery life.

  • Tracking battery charge levels:
    This information is available on the instrument cluster of your vehicle. With Mahindra Electric vehicles, you can also access this information through NEMO Life application. To know more, click here.

  • Public charging point cost:
    Currently, some charging points are free and some have a cost according to usage. However since the Government expects to have at least 25% of total vehicles on the road to be EVs by 2030, it has planned to adopt measures to install a charge point every 25km and work towards building an extensive charging infrastructure in the country.

  • Overcharging:
    All Mahindra Electric vehicles have been designed in a way to stop charging on reaching the fully charged level. So there is no question of overcharging!
With this guide, you can keep your electric vehicle batteries charged, give them a long life, and drive your way to a cleaner and greener future.
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