Electrification Solutions

Comprehensive electrification solutions and services to help you create your own EV portfolio.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword. It is the need of the hour. And a world without emissions is key to this.

When you are thinking about the future of your organization, you are evaluating options which are sustainable for your business as well as for the environment. Having an electric portfolio is what will empower organisations to map a growth path which is also green.

A successful electric vehicle portfolio can have new EVs or electrified versions of your EVs, and that’s where we bring the ME advantage!

With millions of electric kilometers behind us as experience, we at Mahindra Electric pride ourselves on our knowledge of and capabilities to all that is ELECTRIC MOBILITY. We partner with you, not just for components but also support with engineering and testing services to ensure that your EV fleet is the best and most cost effective in the market.

We go with you – every step of way!

A 360 degree approach to driving electric.


Light Electric Vehicles


Compact cars and Utility Vehicles


Heavy Commercial Vehicles


All Vehicles Electrified.

All Vehicles Electrified.