Everything you need to know about charging our EVs
What are the different ways to charge EVs?

There are 2 primary ways to charge Mahindra EVs:

  • Normal Charge: Comes with a port installed at home/work place or from a charging station. Time taken for a complete charge depends on the drive train capacity.

  • Quick2Charge: Innovative charging technology with the Quick2Charge charges the car completely in just 60 minutes. But the time taken to charge each car varies according to the model.

How do I charge the car?

It is as easy as charging any of your other technology devices. All you have to do is plug the vehicle into any of the charge points available to you.

To know the voltage and ampere requirements for each product, click on the images below:

How do I set up my charge port in an apartment complex?

No matter what floor you live on, it is possible to install a charging port for your EV. All you have to do is talk to your society manager to get necessary permissions.

How long does it take to charge the car?

The time taken to charge any of our EVs depend on its drive train capacity. To know more about the time taken to charge each product, click on the images below:

How often do I charge the car?

Charging your car is based on your average km travelled per day

0 – 20 km : Once in 3 days

20 to 40 km : Once in 2 days

More than 40 km : Daily

This may vary slightly depending on the vehicle that you drive. Even if you don’t exhaust the full charge of the vehicle, we recommend that the vehicle should be plugged in overnight for a full charge once in 3 days. This is essential to maintain the battery’s health and will complete battery equalization in the process, thus enhancing the life and performance of the battery.

How do I know how much charge is left in the car?

You can get this information on the instrument cluster of your car. For the e2oPlus, you can check on the e2o Plus Remote app. Learn more about what the app can do here.

Please note: to get the information on your e2oPlus app, the phone and car need to be connected to the GPRS system.

Do I have to pay to use public charging points?

Some charging points are free and some have to be paid for (in accordance with your usage). But with the progress of electric car technology and the entry of new stakeholders in the market to make India all-electric by 2020, the availability of these charge points can increase and their usage can vary with cost.

Will the car overcharge?

Our electric vehicles have been designed in a way so that it stops charging once a full charge is achieved.