Mahindra’s first low maintenance
Lithium ion battery powered three wheeler

India is heading towards a greener future and Mahindra Treo is an important milestone in this journey.

Powered by the most advanced lithium ion technology, this three wheeler range is poised to change the ‘last mile commute’ in urban India. Conceptualised, designed and developed to rise to the future, Mahindra Treo is dedicated to the changing India.

All- electric vehicle

With Zero tail pipe emission, Treo range of vehicles is the most enviornment friendly way to commute

Latest battery chemistry: Lithium ion

The vehicle uses  latest in battery technolgy, Lithium ion; giving it the edge of maximum efficiency at low maintenance

Connected features powered through NEMO

As electric vehicles, Treo and Treo Yaari offer a range of connected features like remote monitoring of charge status, battery condition, location etc. These are available as valude added features powered by NEMO

Easy Charging

Charging the Treo range of vehicles is as easy as charging your mobile phone. All you need is a normal 15Amp socket. Charge comfortably, anywhere, anytime.

Low running cost

With one of lowest operating costs of Rs 0.5 per km, Treo is the most affordable choice for last mile connectivity.

Longer life with low maintenance of battery

Lithium ion chemistry means a long life for the battery. Also, Zero-combustion model has very few moving parts. That means less chances of parts failing. And lesser cost of maintenance for the vehicle

Rust free and dent free body panels

The unique material used for the body panels is rust free and dent free (on light impact), ensuring that the vehicle lasts long.

Modular design for ease of maintenance

Designed specially to ensure ease of assembly, service and replacement of exterior and interior segments.

Direct Drive Technology

With a Direct Drive transmission, Treo operates without a conventional gear box – which means no clutch! This translates to zero mechanical reduction resulting in maximum efficiency and maximum savings

Noiseless & vibration free

Electric powertrain means a noiseless and vibration free drive. Comfortable both for the driver and the passengers!

Spacious interiors

Treo's ergonomic design ensures ample leg space for everyone. The electric Auto also caters to luggage space for connectivity to bus stations, railway stations or airports.

Large wheel design to ensure comfort

12-inch wheel design for handling large pot holes and deliver a comfortable drive.

Space frame design

Treo's unique space frame design ensures that the pressure on light impact is distributed such that the passengers and vehicle suffer damage

In-built strong crash guard

Treo also comes with a strong crash guard at the rear side of the vehicle, to protect passengers against rear impact in traffic.

IP-67 rated battery box

The sealed battery box in the Treo vehicles can take upto 30min submersion in 1m of water.

Digital Cluster

The most modern digital cluster to view details like state of charge (SOC), distance to empty (DTE) etc.

Modern stylish exteriors

The Treo range of vehicles have been designed to represent the next generation urban mass mobility. The stylish exteriors add a sense of pride for the rider and the driver!

Unique hard top design

Treo vehicles both come in hard top variants, a unique offering in this segment.