Zap Program

Mahindra e2oPlus on ZAP

Mahindra Electric partners with ZoomCar to make the all-electric e2oPlus car available on the ZAP program. This program enables you to reduce the initial cost of acquisition for the vehicle. As an e2oPlus owner, you can save as much as Rs. 15,000 per month through the Zoomcar's ZAP program.

How does ZAP work

Zap Working

Buy a new Mahindra e2oPlus on Zoomcar's self-drive platform.

Zap Working

Share your car by signing up with the ZAP app whenever you're not driving it.

Zap Working

Get bookings for your car from Zoomcar's 20lakh+ customer base.

Zap Working

Earn and share revenue with Zoomcar on a regular basis.

Benefits of ZAP program

Get upfront discount on purchase of a new Mahindra e2oPlus

Save on your car ownership costs month-on-month

Avail priority car servicing and intelligent car monitoring

Hassle-free listing, booking and pickup of your e2oPlus

Get assured minimum resale value when you sell the car

Products available on ZAP program

e2o Plus
P4 - Base Model
P6 - Premium Model
P8 - Top End Model

Locations for buying e2oPlus on ZAP


How does ZoomCar provide hassle-free experience?


The owner's guidelines for the purchase and maintenance of their e2oPlus

Buying Mahindra e2oPus incurs all the fixed and variable costs related to the vehicle - Registration, tax, insurance, charging, servicing, maintenance, re-registration, re-location taxes, cleaning, parking etc.

To incur the cost for all necessary accessories and devices for bookings.

To procure road side assistance and ensure the car is serviced on the scheduled maintenance.

To maintain and upkeep the car at all times for bookings whenever the car is idle.


ZoomCar's guidelines for service and assistance

Provides car maintenance cost above capped

Covers accident repairs, breakdowns and other incidental costs.

Bears the cost for marketing and bookings through ZAP platform.

Ensures hassle-free booking process and pickup.

Enables keyless entry- your presence is not required for car pickup.

Assists on settlement of booking payments and refunds.

Helps on re-charging the car if required.

Provides priority servicing and repairs.

Supports on resale of the car.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if my car does not get any booking during the entire listing period?

An automated booking allocation system passes bookings for the cars ensuring equitable bookings on all cars.

What if demand in my area goes down?

We also look at the data every week and take calls to shuffle our own cars to ensure that every area in the city has equitable demand.

What if suddenly there is oversupply of self drive cars

There are less than 4000 self drive cars in India. China on the hand has more than 2 Lakh self drive cars.
Hence, there is ample room for India market to grow.

Zoomcar being the largest player with more than 70% markets share is best poised to generate returns for its investors.

We command superior utilization rates not just compared to Indian competitors but also as compared to global peers. Our cars are utilized on an average 65% even during weekdays across the cities that we operate in. In fact over the weekend we are 4X oversubscribed which means we turn away 4 out of every 5 customer due to them not getting car of their choice or duration of their choice.

This is fine but what is the guarantee?

In the improbable scenario of your car not getting a single booking during your entire listing period, Zoomcar guarantees a Rs. 5000/- per month minimum guaranteed income provided your car completes for a minimum of 20 days of listing in a month covering all weekends.


What if my car meets with an accident period? I would loose all the revenue that I supposed to earn on the booking during the listing period

Zoomcar covers your lost revenue through the downtime guarantee. If your car meets with an accident or break-down while in customer’s possession, you are eligible for a downtime guarantee of INR 500/day thus compensating you to the lost revenue.

What if I want a car for my use instead of the money?

We can provide a replacement car of equivalent make on request subject to availability.


Can I list my car for entire 30 days in the month

Yes you can list the car for entire 30 days in the month. However, the car will still have to parked at your premise. You will need to take responsibility of the cleaning and service maintenance of the car periodically.


Why don’t you encourage associate’s car to be parked at your parking?

We want the handover of car between personal use and commercial use to be seamless, hence it is best if the car is parked, picked, and returned from your own parking instead of Zoomcar parking.

What if I am going out of station for long duration?

You can park the car at a Zoomcar parking location for a fee of INR 400/day. It ensures that you continue to earn from the car, at the same time it covers our cost of parking and manpower.

What if I want to change my parking location

You can change the parking location anytime by intimating us in advance by calling the Associate Experience Center or emailing us on


How much earnings can I expect on the car?

Earnings will be dependent on the no of listing days, duration of listing and timing of listing

Lets take a scenario, if your car is listed for a week including the weekend in a month, you can expect net earnings of INR 5000 to 6000 per week after all deductions.

Let's assume I list my car for only a week including weekend (Total of 7 days) in a month, can you explain how do you arrive at the net earning figure of INR 5000 to 6000?
Gross Revenue net of VAT 14000 This is average revenue per week of a Zoomcar hatchback
Your Revenue Share 10500 This is your 75% revenue share
ZC Customer fueling -1500 This is the fueling done by Zoomcar customer and is refunded back to him. We have assumed that out of total fuel consumed in a trip, 50% was already there in the car, rest 50% was filled by the customer
Device monthly charge -900 This is the monthly device charge similar to monthly sim card rental in a postpaid phone. This remains fixed irrespective of no of days the car is listed
Taxes -160 2% TDS is deducted at the source and paid to the government. You will get the TDS certificate to claim the same
ZC Credit to your account 7900 This is tentative amount that Zoomcar will credit to you at the end of the month if your car is listed for 7 days including the weekend
Your fueling cost -1500 This is the fuel that you had filled in the car and was consumed during a customer trip. We have assumed that out of total fuel consumed by the customer 50% was filled by you
Associate Service Maintenance allocation -800 We have assumed a Rs 0.9 Rs/km service maintenance cost for your car. Your car can run about 900km in a week. Note you may not incur this cost immediately, however to calculate your net earning, this cost has been budgeted
Associate net earning 5600 This is your net earning after all cost deductions at your end and Zoomcar’s

The operations would be tough to manage for me. I cannot be physically present for every booking and reporting damages

You do not need to be physically present during booking start or booking end. IOT device installed in the car manages booking end to end.

At the start of the listing, you will need to fill a car readiness checklist that marks the condition of the car.

Car can be locked and unlocked from the APP of the customer who has been allocated your car.

In case of any disputes in your checklist, customer is required to send/upload pics without starting the car.

In case you have any disputes in customer’s checklist you will have up to 12 hours to verify checklist and send/upload dispute pics without starting your car.

In case of long listing where you cannot verify customer’s checklist, the subsequent customer can report disputes.

Hence, operations are managed seamlessly with minimal intervention required from your side.

We use a more technology and process driven approach compared to people driven approach hence your presence is not mandated.

What about cleaning, I am not going to clean car for every booking

Our average booking duration is about 1 day (24 hours), hence it would be very rare for you to get more than 1 booking per day.

Thus, cleanliness can easily be managed by your daily car cleaning personnel.

Remember to instruct him to clean the car everyday from inside as well.

If the car comes back with stains or spill which cannot be removed by daily cleaning, you can levy cleaning charge to the customer and Zoomcar will get deep cleaning done for your car free of cost.

What about fueling, I won’t have time to fuel the car after every booking.

On an average, a car will have to be fueled just twice a week.

We recommend fueling once before a weekend and once after weekend.

What about frequent servicing and maintenance required on the car? I do not have time to pick and drop car from the service center

We have complimentary and priority pick-up and drop tie-ups with most dealerships in your city. Same privileges will be extended to your car as well.


My car will be run more kms per month leading to a very high service and maintenance cost that will erode my earnings. Have you considered this in your calculations?

Your zap earnings is the net amount earned after assuming deductions for service, accident and maintenance.

Your accident cost is nil since Zoomcar repairs major scratches, dents or damages free of cost.

Service and maintenance cost has been assumed at INR 1 per km based on our 3 year history. Normally our personal cars do not incur more than INR 0.5 per km. Hence, upfront a higher cost has been assumed for service and maintenance and your earnings are calculated after taking into account this deduction.

What if there is high maintenance cost work that needs to be carried out on my car in the month

Your car comes with a maintenance cap which protects you against any unexpectedly high maintenance cost. Any cost above the maintenance cap is borne by Zoomcar.


What if either of us decides to terminate the contract or the agreement tenure is over? I will be left stranded with the car that is not my name

We have provided one month termination notice to ensure you can exit whenever you do not want to be part of the program.

You can continue to drive the car by giving an indemnity declaration to us which states that you will own all liabilities related to the car post agreement termination/agreement closure.

Alternatively, you can sell the car and close your loan if applicable thereby minimizing any loss.

Zoomcar will provide support with it’s network of buyers to help sale of your car.

Hence, even post termination/agreement closure your risk is taken care of.

Can I extend the contract post the agreement period

No you cannot extend the contract post 30 month agreement period.


Why can’t I take conventional car loan? Would have made the process much simpler

Conventional cars loans are given for private cars in the interest rate range of 9 to 10%. However, commercial car loans under tripartite lease agreement for ZAP is approved by few banks where Zoomcar has got special approval. Interest rate varies between 12 to 16%

How do I decide whether to opt for personal loan or commercial car loan? I have heard personal loans are most expensive loans and one should stay away from it

Let me explain the pros and cons of taking a commercial car loan vs a personal loan for ZAP.

Commercial car loans rates are pegged to the current industry and borrower profile. Since individuals applying for commercial car loans are mostly drivers, risk for lending is considered high, hence interest rate offered is between 12 to 16%. In commercial car loan, car is hypothecated as security thus increasing your eligibility. You can expect 80-90% funding on the on road price of the car.

Personal loans for working professionals can easily fall between 12 to 14%. Also, personal loan does not require you to hypothecate the car, thus allowing you to sell the car and then close the loan. You can choose to take 100% funding. If your loan eligibility is not an issue, personal loan could be beneficial for you.


What if I decide to take up a job in another city? What happens to the car then?

You can continue to operate the same car seamlessly in another city with minimal effort and low financial burden.

Zoomcar has license to operate in all major cities across India. Since it is a commercial car, you can simply pay 1 Year entry tax at the state border and legally operate the same car in another state for upto a year.

What happens after 1 year?

Post 1 year of relocating, you can opt to re-register the car in the city where you have been relocated. Most state accept yearly tax for commercial cars as compared to private cars where one has to pay lifetime tax.


Will I have to put Zoomcar sticker on the car

Since you are a partner in Zoomcar business, it is recommended to put Zoomcar sticker on the car. It gives your car instant marketing in your neighbourhood hence contributing to maximizing your bookings.

However, you can still opt for not putting sticker on the car.


The car will be in Zoomcar’s name, what is my proof of ownership?

There is notarized lease agreement signed between Zoomcar (Lessee) and you (Lessor) which clearly states that you are the actual owner of the car.

The car has to be registered in Zoomcar’s name to enable it to be used for both personal and professional use.

Your name will also appear in RTO B Extract and Dealer Invoice as the investor/lessor in case you opt for cash deal or financing through personal loan.