Does extreme weather affect battery performance?

Normal Charge

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Comes with a port installed at home/work place or from a charging station. Time taken for a complete charge depends on the drive train capacity.

Quick to charge

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Innovative charging technology with the Quick2Charge charges the car completely in just 60 minutes.


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Bring the power of the sun to the car. You can now charge your car at the Sun2Car stations positioned across various cities.

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How do I charge the car

It's as simple as charging your mobile phone. Just plug the on-board charger into a 15 amp port that we will install at your home or your work place.

What if my flat is on 13th floor?

No matter what floor you reside on, the charging unit we will install at your parking place will be connected to your electric meter.

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How long does it take to charge the car?

Normal charge for a 48V drive train takes 5 hours. With Quick2Charge you can get 100% charge in just 1 hour. The charging time for Normal and Quick charge varies with the drive train capacity.

How often do I charge the car?

Charging your car is based on your average distance travelled every day.
If you travel:
0 – 20 km : Once in 3 days
20 to 40 km : Once in 2 days
More than 40 km : Daily

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What if I run out of charge while I am driving?

In case your car is low on energy, with our unique patented REVive® technology you can activate a reserve charge that can give you additional kms to reach the nearest charging station or the safety of your home

Like fuel stations around the city, Do we have charge points?

Charging points are available all around the city. Their location information is available on our product websites

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How safe is the car on impact?

Our cars have been designed to keep you safe all the time. We have developed a unique high tensile steel space frame with front crumple zone and dual side impact beams that cocoons the passengers in a safety cage. The dent-resistant ABS body panels take care of small bumps and scratches. They do not deform and scratches can be buffed to restore the shine.

Your child is in secure hands

Don't you worry when there's a baby on board! The ISOFIX child mount in the e2o is a special feature that keeps your toddler out of harm's reach in case of an impact.

Is the car safe against theft?

Our cars have a secure key with a strong encryption code that enables the car to authenticate the user before enabling the car to be driven. In the rare situation that your car does go ‘missing’, the telematics unit in the car uses the GSM communication network to locate the car for the police to trace. (*available only in Mahindra e2o at present).

Will driving the car in the Rain give me an electrical shock?

Our cars' unique isolated architecture is designed to eliminate chances of any such occurrence, assuring you a worry free, and shock-free drive.

Will the car give me an electrical shock if I touch it while it’s charging?

Not at all. Our cars’ unique isolated architecture is designed to prevent such incidents. But we would advise you to not operate electric switches and plug charge cords with wet hands.

If I go on vacation, will the car’s battery discharge in my absence?

If you're out on vacation for longer than a week, you can activate the vacation mode feature on the smart phone app. The battery has a normal discharge rate, where it completely discharges in 21 days. By switching on the vacation mode, you can ensure battery discharge is kept to a bare minimum. (*available only in Mahindra e2o at present).

Does extreme weather affect battery performance?

Yes it does. Extreme cold and warm temperatures affect the battery performance in terms of range. The car will achieve optimum performance when temperatures are between 20 - 45 degrees centigrade. Also, our cars comes with a built-in battery thermal management system which keeps batteries at normal operating temperatures.

Are the batteries safe in all the conditions?

We have driven our cars with lithium-ion phosphate batteries for over a few million kilometers under stringent test conditions. These include simulating accidents, flooded roads and piercing the batteries with sharp objects. The battery comes with several layers of safety protection to deal with any untoward incidents. All these tests to ensure every drive in our cars is a safe one.

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